Dell’s Ubuntu developer ultrabook – Weekend must-read articles #15

UbuntuDevelopers who want a portable computer to code on, which is thin, light, sleek and yet powerful, may now be getting another option in an ultrabook from Dell. What makes the “Sputnik” ultrabook different is that it runs Ubuntu 12.04 Linux and it’s tailor-made for developers.

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This week’s suggested reading in this area Dell’s Ubuntu developer ultrabook

Introducing Project Sputnik: Developer laptop :: Barton’s Blog

To place it in perspective, Sputnik is part of an effort by Dell to better know and serve the desires of developers in Web companies. We want to finds ways to make the developer experience as powerful and simple as possible. And what better way to do that than beginning with a laptop that is both highly mobile and extremely stylish, running the 12.04 LTS release of Ubuntu Linux.

Could be alternative to MacBook Air.

Dell plots Ubuntu laptop for developers with eye on OpenStack cloud :: InfoWorld

One of Dell’s visions for Project Sputnik is to enable developers to download premade, ready-to-use developer environments — effectively profiles with all the necessary tools for coding in various languages. “If you wanted the Ruby profile for developing in Ruby, or Android, or JavaScript, you could go and take those packages down and use them on your system,” George said in the Dell Vlog.

Sounds like a very cool thought.

Dell puts Sputnik open-source laptop on launch pad :: The Register

Dell is crafting a tool with coders that connects to a GitHub repository and pulls down “developer profiles” – a toolchain configuration built to suit a particular type of work – the initially of which are targeting Android, Ruby and JavaScript development. After these Dell desires the community to build profiles of their own and it’s inviting feedback at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California, this week.

Project Sputnik: Developer Focused Dell XPS13 :: Dustin Kirkland

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been invited by Barton George to participate in Dell’s Project Sputnik! As of this morning, the gag order has been lifted and I can finally publicly blog in this area it :-) I’m writing this blog post from a groundbreaking new Dell XPS13, given to me by Dell! Project Sputnik is a new endeavor from Dell to produce a portable hardware and software platform specifically designed for developers. Have you been to a conference recently where the predominant hacker platform involved a legion of Mac Airs running OSX? Well, I reckon we finally have a contender :-)

He has one by now, they lucky…

Dell tests open-source laptop for developers :: GigaOM

What is it that web developers want? That’s what Dell is trying to find out with its just-launched Project Sputnik, an “experimental” laptop bundled with Ubuntu Linux plus utilities, and with an simple on-ramp to github repositories coming soon. Sputnik looks like Dell’s have a crack to wrest the attention of the many web developers that have defected to OS X, but chafe at the restrictions Apple’s walled garden imposes on them.

But it won’t have the cute apple on the outside :)

And finally, make sure you take a look at this: “I don’t know. It just feels… different.” It might just clarify everything!

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Dell’s Ubuntu developer ultrabook – Weekend must-read articles #15

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